Elizabeth Edelen

RN - Postpartum Doula - Labor Doula

My story began with a blanket.  A young man stood before me, scared and unsure of how to hold or care for the sick newborn laying before him. As I taught him to swaddle his baby and cradle him against his chest he took the first steps towards becoming a confident dad, equipped with the tools he needed to care for his young son.  I’ve worked with hundreds of families since that moment as a pediatric nurse, labor and delivery nurse and post-partum support person.  I’ve seen that scene play out again and again as a person equipped with the right knowledge, tools and encouragement can be transformed into someone confidently able to face the task before them.  I love to come along side individuals and families, providing them with education, tools and support to face the tasks before them, whether it is the process of labor or the various aspects of caring for yourself, newborn and family in the post-partum period.

I live in Columbia with my husband and our four beautiful children. We’re a family who loves good books, beautiful hikes and laughter-filled games around the table.

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