Summer Maternity Dresses for Every Shape

Summer months around the corner means summer dresses out of hiding.

Everyone’s pregnancy is different and as body shapes differ, your baby bump might be different from the next expectant mom. To stay as comfortable as you can in your summer dress, choosing one that fits your unique shape can really make all the difference.

Baby weight tends to distribute itself in four different ways. You might find that you match one body type completely or feel more comfortable finding something in between.

The perfect dress is out there when you know just what to look for and with all the cute patterns, cuts and colors it might be difficult to choose just one!

 Bigger All Over

Many women carry their baby swelling all over from head to toe and not just in their belly. This can be a stress to dress but long lines give some flattering flare that will boost your confidence and offer a comfortable fit. Plus size moms to be or ones with distributed baby weight should choose softer or flowing fabrics that give you some extra inches of wiggle room.

Our choice for plus size summer dresses is this gorgeous dress from PinkBlush that flows in all the right places. The lightweight fabric will keep you cool, the tier on top draws the eye to your body’s narrow point, with arms that fit loosely but offer a little more coverage. Not to mention the floral pattern is super slimming.

Low-Sitting Baby Bump

If your baby is sitting low at your hips, it can be difficult to find a comfortable fitting dress. These moms are usually petite elsewhere, with most of their curves at their waist, hips, legs, or behind. Look for garments that will sit below your waist with soft bands and fabrics to support your belly. These low-sitting baby bumps also look fantastic in a jumpsuit or long romper.

Our summer choice for these low baby bellies is this super soft t-shirt dress from PinkBlush that hugs your belly to offer a more “supported” feeling, with a fabric that breathes to stay cool. The florals and prints can be bolder and larger that will help flatter your shape and give you a slimmer silhouette.

Carrying High

If your baby bump is high up, you might have some more luck with maternity fits. Most maternity collections carry items that are designed to fit these belly types, but many of these expectant moms can even alter non-maternity clothing. Choose styles that cut below the bust or accessorize with a belt to show off your baby belly.

This summertime beauty from A Pea in the Pod is a great option for moms carrying their baby higher. This dress has a great neckline and gathers gently under the bust which is a good option for women that have a curvier or larger bust. This one also doubles as a nursing dress and would still be a fabulous summer dress for your wardrobe that’s comfortable to wear on your postpartum body.

Small All Over

Lots of petite moms stay petite throughout their pregnancy and their baby bump just situates itself right in the middle. Tighter styles, solids and even stripes can accentuate your baby curve and flatter the rest of your smaller frame. If you weren’t curvy before but are noticing some new curves here and there, accentuate them and have fun with colors, prints and accessories.

This summer dress from A Pea in the Pod is light and breezy with some great feminine touches. It has great movement with it’s slightly ruffled line and adjustable straps to keep you comfortable, even if you’re going bra-less or wearing a bralette. Even though it’s solid, the playful pattern makes this a great dress for a casual summer day or can be easily dolled up for an evening out.

No matter your shape, a summer dress should fit great and make you feel great about your baby body.

It could be running errands or a trip to the beach; a great dress is a summertime staple for expectant moms. Find the fit that fits you inside and out, showing off that beautiful baby bump all summer long.