Placenta Encapsulation

There are so many amazing hormones, are all produced by the placenta, that are taken out of your body with the birth of the placenta (which is why some experience baby blues, drops in energy, etc.) By encapsulating, you are providing your postpartum body the opportunity to benefit from small amounts of these while recovering from birth and caring for your little one.

Our placenta encapsulation specialists are trained with the highest regard to safety and sanitation standards, so you can ensure your placenta preparation is in the best hands! Through a steaming and dehydration process, we prepare your placenta in gel capsules for an ease into the postpartum period!

Reported benefits:

  • Increased Energy
  • Faster Postpartum Recovery
  • Increased Milk Supply
  • Stabilization of Mood

For convenience we offer pickup and drop off services.  Placenta Encapsulation services are $350

Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists and plan for the best foot forward in your postpartum healing!

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Annapolis Area Placenta Encapsulation