Postpartum Doulas

If you’re wondering how you’re going to do it all when you return home, let Annapolis Area Doulas ease your recovery and postpartum period through knowledgable, trained and caring postpartum doulas.  

We’ll assist you with the transition to life with a new baby and be there by your side to support you while you bond with your baby, rest, and enjoy the precious moments with ease.  You deserve the best; we’re there for your entire family, with superior service, skills and knowledge to instill confidence and give you the most pleasant, enjoyable days following your arrival home!


What does postpartum support include:

  • Compassionate, emotional support for mom, baby and the family
  • Overnight support, if needed, to assist your family in getting the rest you deserve, knowing baby is in trained hands
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Breastfeeding, babywearing and baby soothing support
  • The most up to date information on all things relating to birth and newborns
  • Vetted resources available for all of your developing needs
  • Nursery organization and home management
  • Sibling care
  • Much more!

Overnight Care (our most popular support option) 

  • Allows you to fully relax and rest easy knowing your baby is well taken care of
  • Well rested parents are able to function better in their daily life
  • We are magical fairies that come in and make nighttime peaceful in your home when rest is needed the most
  • Allows time for you to connect with your partner uninterrupted
  • Helps alleviate the feelings of being “touched out” at the end of the day
  • Shifts are typically 10pm-6am or 9pm-5am
  • Support for your preferred feeding method

Postpartum Doula services prices start at $45  per hour and packages are customizable for your family’s unique needs.

Ready to prepare for the best postpartum imaginable? Contact us today to connect with the perfect postpartum doula for your family!

Annapolis Area Postpartum Doulas

Charity Henson

Postpartum Doula - Labor Doula

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Chanele Ramos

Postpartum Doula - Labor Doula

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Mikey Turner

Postpartum Doula - Labor Doula

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Alexandia Matison

Postpartum Doula - Labor Doula

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Djuana Fair

Postpartum Doula

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Nanikala Coke

Postpartum Doula - Labor Doula

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Dina Isdaner

Postpartum Doula - Labor Doula - How When & Why Childbirth Education Instructor

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Jennifer Usher

Postpartum Doula - Newborn Care Class Instructor - Labor Doula

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