Secrets of the Practical Baby Registry


Secrets of the Practical Baby Registry

It’s tempting to run up and down the aisles of your favorite store, gleefully beeping the scanner on everything with wild abandon. However, when you end up unwrapping something hideous at your shower, you’ll wish you’d known these secrets to making a practical baby registry – where you’ll actually get what you need for your infant! As seasoned baby experts, here are our tips on creating a great baby registry.

Think Big

You’ll probably want to coo over and scan all those darling little newborn and 0-3-sized outfits. After all, that’s how your baby is going to come into the world – a tiny wee thing, right? Well, you just may be surprised at how darn fast they grow. They’ll wear newborn sizes for a couple weeks, and depending on how much stuff you have, they may not even make it through the full stack before you have to move them into the next size. Same goes for diapers – get yourself a couple packages of newborn diapers, and ask your friends to load you up on the sizes your baby will be in for more than a hot minute.

Go Easy on the Blankets

Although you can totally register for a particular kind of blanket you may have your heart set on, in general you may want to register for other essentials instead. Why? Everyone and their grandma likes to give – or make – a blanket for a new baby. You’ll end up buried under a pile of pink or blue blankets and afghans, wondering where all the diapers and socks are.

Scan a Wide Price Range

You should scan items from as cheap as a $5 pacifier, all the way up to an $800 stroller if that’s what you want. There should be something on the list for all different budgets. Don’t worry, you’re not being greedy by registering for a big-ticket item. In fact, you’re probably really helping out your mom group or church or extended family by giving them an option to chip in together and get you something nice. If you use an online registry, you can even ask for contributions to your birth or postpartum doula fund.

Treat Yoself

Hey, this baby shower isn’t just for the baby. You deserve a little somethin’ too! Don’t be shy about registering for nursing bras and clothing, housekeeping or postpartum doula gift certificates, a pregnancy pillow, breast pads, restaurant gift cards, a pretty delivery gown and slippers, a pre-or-postnatal massage, or some pregnancy-related reading material.

Take a Seasoned Mom with You

Don’t feel like you need to venture into the wilds of the baby department alone: bring along one or two seasoned mom friends, they’ll be able to tell you which products were absolute lifesavers, and which ones ended up getting regifted. Hint: that chunky plastic diaper pail does NOT go with your nursery aesthetic, and will stink up the house as soon as your baby starts eating solids. Wrapping diapers in plastic grocery sacks for the regular trash is easy, fast, and stinkless.

Armed with these tips and hints, you’ll feel less overwhelmed creating your registry, your guests will be able to get you exactly what you need, and you’ll have a fantastic time opening gifts at your shower. Everybody wins!