9 New Baby Products We’re Excited About in 2020

As postpartum doulas, it’s our job to know about all the best mom and baby gadgets so we can make appropriate recommendations for our clients. Baby gear is one area where inventors are constantly coming up with new ideas and improvements to try to “hack” parenting, so there’s always something new and cool coming down the line!

Here are some of the new 2020 baby products we can’t wait to try this year:

9. MiaMily Carrier

Baby carriers are great, but not everyone can use them due to back and neck pain. The MiaMily carrier may make babywearing more accessible to these parents, thanks to its more ergonomic design. It features an actual seat for the infant to sit in, in order to redistribute their weight a little better.

8. Silent Auto Gliding Elite Bassinet

Everyone loves the SNOO, but not the four-figure price tag. If you’re looking for something similar on a smaller budget, the Silent Auto Gliding Elite Bassinet rocks the baby and can provide a safe sleeping surface (flat and firm). It’s only $100.

7. Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair

Everyone’s favorite stroller maker is releasing an awesome high chair in February 2020 as part of their home collection. Your baby can use the tray, or sit at the table with the family! Want your kitchen to stay Instagram-ready? You can fold this high chair up and stash it away between meals.

6. Rambler Mat

The Rambler Mat solves the problem of trying to spread out a blanket on the floor for your infant while your hands are full of him or her. This one-handed mat pops open and stays flat on the floor. It comes in pretty colors and patterns, too!

5. Micro Luggage Eazy

We’re eagerly waiting for this one to be in stock! For toddlers and children ages 18 months and up, it’s rolling luggage that your little one can actually sit and ride on. Perfect for all those walks through the airport on your travels…you’ll never have to hear those “carry me!” whines again.

4. SwipenSnap

This is a clever twist on diaper ointment applicators. Rather than being a separate apparatus to apply ointment to your baby, this applicator actually screws onto any of your ointment tubes! You can squeeze the ointment and apply it to your baby all with one hand. Neat idea!

3. Kidkii Ball Pit

The Kidkii Ball Pit is a new item from Denmark, and has won awards for the best baby products of 2020. We like that it’s soft, attractive, and something you’d actually want to have in your home. It’s perfect for babies who are just beginning to sit up themselves and need a safe space to mouth everything!

2. Skip-Hop Cry-Activated Soother

Skip-Hop always has something cute and clever coming out! This sweet little stuffie attaches to the crib and is equipped with a smart sensor that plays music, outdoor sounds, or even your own voice in response to your baby’s cries. This is perfect for when you’re teaching your older baby to go to sleep in their crib!

  1. Fridababy’s DermaFrida: The Flakefixer

We will buy literally anything from Fridababy, the most innovative baby product company that invents and improves upon the things that parents really need for a positive experience having a newborn. You can stop combing your baby’s hair and picking off all their cradle cap when you get bored, because The Flakefixer is coming! It’s a 3-step system: lather up with the sponge, loosen the gunk with the brush, and sweep it away with the comb.

Our birth and postpartum specialists at Annapolis Area Doulas are always happy to guide our clients through registering for baby gear, setting up nurseries, and generally preparing for the sweet life with baby.

Which of these products are you most excited about?