5 Reasons Why I Think September Is the Start of the New Year, Not January.

By: Brianne Carper, Labor and Postpartum Doula

Fall. It is my most favorite time of year. I don’t know if it’s the beautiful colors, the crisp air, or the pumpkin flavored everything that makes me love it. September kicks off this time of year and it always makes me feel like a change is coming. Growing up I remember the feelings of excitement that came with a new school year. New teachers, classroom, friends and my middle school self would say a new “me” from hair to clothes, to binders and pencils I was ready for the changes to come. I think this feeling is familiar with so many of us. Don’t get me wrong I love New Years, but I think deep down I know that if change is coming in my life its coming in September and not January and here’s why.


September is the perfect time to start a new habit. Need to drink more water? Go to bed earlier? Cook healthier meals? If you have school aged children, you know that there is a shift to your day with a new routine that allows for change. Your day is changing and that makes a great time to slip in some new habits. The key to habits is doing it every day and when your day has a different flow that is when habits are more easily formed.

New You

I don’t know about you but when fall comes around I feel this sudden urge to go shopping and do something different with my hair. The dramatic change in the season leaves me with this feeling that I need a dramatic change also.

Summer Doesn’t Count

After being in school for sixteen years it’s hard to get rid of the feeling that all bets are off in the summer. My year is really only September to May.  June, July and August feel like months of self-exploration and adventure. They are a time when habits and routine can fall to the weigh side. Then September comes and it is time for my best self to shine.


Go to Target, Staples, or Office Max and you will see now is the time to get all your stuff put in its place. There are sales galore on folders, notebooks, pens, and binders. Perfect time to stock up on all the organization stuff you need for the upcoming year.

Clean out your Closet

Everyone talks about spring cleaning, and yes, it is true there isn’t a better feeling than opening up your windows after a long winter and cleaning out the cob webs. In my opinion a good September cleaning can rival that feeling. I love nothing more than switching out my clothes, donating what doesn’t work for me anymore. It’s a great way to start my “year”, decluttering before all the new things make their way into my home come Christmas.

So I say cheers to September (with my pumpkin spice latte) and Happy New Year to you all!