Beach Safety Tips for Baby

With spring break right around the corner, it’s time to get ready for the first family vacation of the season.

If your destination is a little more tropical and includes some days at the beach, some extra safety precautions can help keep your little one’s delicate skin safe from the sun. Sunburns are no fun and with the right gear your family can be ready to tackle a beautiful sunny day with toes in the sand.

We put together a packing list for your beach adventure that includes the top consumer and dermatologist rated products for summer safety.


You’d be wrong if you think that all sunscreen is created equal and some can irritate or even damage your baby’s sensitive skin. If you’re looking for all natural, you can reach for Badger Baby’s Natural Organic SPF 30+ sunscreen. This product has a great organic base of natural oils like sunflower and beeswax for waterproof protection against the sun, making it the number one baby sunscreen on for summer 2017.

If you feel more comfortable using a higher SPF, Thinkbaby SPF 50 is consistently rated high by dermatologists, pediatricians and consumers. This sunscreen also contains mostly ingredients that are naturally sourced.

Sun Clothes and Hats

Nothing is more sensitive than your baby’s scalp. Cover up those little noggins with a sun hat that keeps the harsh rays off their scalp, face and neck. Sun shirts keep them cool while protecting most of their core from sunburn. It’s not overkill to put a sun shirt on top of a baby safe sunscreen. Not to mention these outfits are absolutely adorable while staying breezy and comfortable for your baby to wear all day. Sunglasses for baby will also help protect their eyes from glare off the sand and while playing in the water.

Sun Shade

On those really hot days with no cloud cover, a simple beach umbrella doesn’t always cut it. A pop-up sun shade for baby to play in is a great solution for harsh sun, making it an absolute must for every beach going family. Nervous about bringing baby into the ocean? Try digging a small area to put your sunshade on top of and filling the indentation with a splashing amount of water.

This keeps the water cool and comfortable and your toddler safely splashing away and out of the sun. These UV proof shade tents are collapsible and affordable enough to bring 2, one for water and one for those lunchtime beach naps.

There’s always room to make your family trip to the beach safer for you and baby.

Put sun protection on the top of your packing list for your spring break vacation, with some of these top rated baby products for spring and summer.