Introducing Your Fur Baby To Your New Baby

Many of us start our intro to parenthood with a fur baby. The beauty of a fur baby is that they are cute, soft, cuddly and they never talk back!

However, there will come a time when you and your partner decide to grow your family and have a baby of your own.

It’s obvious that baby will have 100% priority over your pet. As with other siblings, bringing home a new baby can be a huge adjustment to your fur baby ESPECIALLY during the initial introduction.

We have put together some tips on how to introduce your fur baby to your new baby. 

If you have a particularly ‘jumpy’ pooch, it may be wise to start preparing for the grand introduction ahead of time. Too much excitement may lead your fur baby to jump, bark or bounce around while meeting baby for the first time which can lead to accidental injuries. Utilize the 9 months that baby is womb-side to begin rewarding your pet for calm behavior.

It is also important to realize that pets are sensitive to new smells and sounds. It is recommended to bring home a blanket, or an article of clothing that baby wore in the hospital, home to your pet prior to bringing baby home. Maybe have a family member or friend do this for you. This way your fur baby can get aquatinted with your baby’s scent prior to baby’s arrival.

When it comes time for the grand introduction, it may be best to start by walking your dog. This is not typically what one thinks to do first when bringing home baby, but it will help your pup release any cooped up energy before meeting their new sibling.

Once Sparky is walked, and back in the house, the introduction begins. Remember to stay in control. This can go one of two ways. Your pet could be super excited about this new addition, OR, there is also a chance your pet could show ZERO interest in meeting your baby.

If your pet is interested in meeting baby it is important to remember to stay in control. Keep your new bundle of joy in YOUR possession, teaching your pooch that this baby is YOURS not HIS. Allow some sniffing, and again, reward your pet for sweet and calm behavior.

If your pet doesn’t show any interest in meeting your baby DO NOT FORCE THEM! Your pet will come closer in their own time. This is a big adjustment for an animal and it’s not like you can explain to them what is going on. If only it was that easy!

We understand what a momentous occasion introducing your fur baby and your new baby can be for parents; An occasion you’ve probably dreamed about through out pregnancy. But remember, everybody in the house (doggy included) needs to navigate this transition in their own time.

Baby and Sparky will be playing together in no time!