Is Hypnobirthing Just for Hippies?

As a Hypnobirthing-friendly doula agency (featuring three Hypnobirthing instructor and several Hypnodoulas!), we have received many questions and comments from Annapolis area parents and providers regarding the practice of Hypnobirthing. “Isn’t that just a woo-woo, anti-science, birthing-in-the-woods thing?”

While we can certainly see how the visual of a comedy-show hypnotist combined with a laboring woman could raise a few eyebrows, we’re always happy to set the record straight on what Hypnobirthing is – and isn’t.

Hypnobirthing Helps You See Birth in a New Way

Most American women are afraid of childbirth. We haven’t grown up watching the other women in our lives give birth – but we have seen plenty of scary, drama-filled deliveries on television. Who wouldn’t be scared if their only exposure to something was blood and screaming? Hypnobirthing methods help us reframe birth in our minds as a normal process of life – one to be greeted with curiosity and calmness.

Hypnobirthing Provides Tools for Calm Laboring

Whether you’re a fan of epidurals or not, we probably would all like to have a smooth birth experience where we feel in control, in reduced pain, and have the ability to confidently make decisions about our medical care. Hypnobirthing introduces positive language around the birthing process, retraining your thoughts, and instills knowledge of time-tested coping techniques and forms of support that your partner or spouse can employ to enhance your comfort.

Hypnobirthing Isn’t a Gimmick

The Hypnobirthing method isn’t some gimmicky sideshow act – there’s no swinging pendulum, hokey chanting, or dazed sleepwalking. Hypnobirthing works through practiced meditation, helping you view the birthing process in a positive way and equipping you with the tools and techniques you need to stay comfortable and in control. You are in complete power at all times to take yourself in or out of the meditative hypnotic state!

Hypnobirthing Helps You Make Confident Choices

The Hypnobirthing method teaches you confidence in all aspects of birth – including decision making. You will learn what questions to ask a potential OB-GYN or midwife, how to select where to give birth, how to deal with issues that arise during birth requiring medical interventions, and much more. Birth is unpredictable, and we must be equipped and confident in order to make sudden decisions about medicine, procedures, infant care, and much more. However your birth unfolds, you will be able to feel good about the decisions you must make – and your Hypnobirthing tools will certainly be of great use in staying calm and comfortable during medical procedures, as well.

If you are interested in using the Hypnobirthing method during your birth, our instructor can help. Register for Hypnobirthing classes in Annapolis today!

What Does a Hypnobirth Look Like?

Hypnobirths are as different and varied as parents. Birth can “appear” in many ways – from calm and smiling, to loud and primal. The common thread? A feeling of being more able to cope with the challenges and obstacles of giving birth. Check out our Hypnobirth video clip!