National Nurse’s Week: An interview with an L&D nurse at AAMC

It is National Nurse Week!  This week we take a moment to recognize and appreciate the loving care provided by nurses.  They play such an important role in our clients birth.  We are forever grateful for all that they do.  The team at AAMC is always to welcoming to the doulas of Annapolis Area Doulas.  We have had the pleasure of working with Kristin Seibert as well as many of the amazing nurses at AAMC.  These nurses go above and beyond to keep mom and baby safe and comfortable.
We had the chance to get to know Kristin a bit more!
How long have you been a nurse at AAMC?
5 years
How did you choose to get into OB? 
In nursing school, it was truly the only clinical that I enjoyed.  Not just enjoyed, but I loved it and couldn’t wait to go each day.  I remember telling my husband that this was the only job I would take and I would do whatever I could to get it!
What do you do in your spare time when you are not at the hospital? 
I only work part time, so I am home most days with my (almost) 4 year old daughter.  I love spending time with my little family and our friends here in Annapolis, but we also love to travel when we get the chance.  I also ride bike a lot and love any chance I get to be out on my bike, whether for fun or competition.
What are your favorite and least favorite parts of working L&D?
My favorite part is that moment at delivery.  No matter what your labor is like, it’s always the hardest thing you’ve ever done.  Seeing the mom’s look of awe at what she has done and her partner’s shared joy and love for what they have created will always get me.  (There’s nothing that chokes me up like a dad sobbing at his child’s birth!  Beautiful!). It’s hard to say what my least favorite part is, but the hardest part is definitely walking with families who are laboring towards a silent delivery.  No heartbeat on the monitor and no strong cry at delivery.  It is also a great honor to be with these families and to help create some of the only memories they will have with their baby.
What is one thing you wish every birthing family could know? 
You can plan, prepare, hope, and pray for the labor and delivery that you want, but it just may not happen.  Remember to stay flexible (easier said then done!) and to keep the end goal in mind.  No delivery is a failure.  No matter how you deliver your baby, you did an incredible job and should be proud of how you grew and birthed such a beautiful little human!
What are your thoughts on working along side doulas?
Doulas can be there when nurses can’t!  They are much better trained in comfort measures and they know you long before we do. They can be a great asset to nurses when we are running between patients on a busy unit.  They can help communicate for you and for us to help ensure the safest delivery possible.
What is your favorite part about working with Annapolis Area Doulas? 
See above. ;-). They are there when we can’t be!  They are also helpful in explaining your birth plan to us and in explaining some of the things we do in the hospital to you!  They are considerate of our policies and respectful to the way things might be done differently in a hospital versus a birth center or a home.
What are your future goals and plans? 
Right now, I am cherishing the years at home with my daughter (most days ;-)).  I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to work part time at the hospital to give me a break from home life and to keep my license active.  When she starts school in a few years, I’ll probably go back full-time and look into other options to advance my career.
Thank you Kristin!