Picking a Care Provider In the Annapolis Area

One of the most daunting choices a woman can make once she discovers she’s pregnant is her care provider.  Instead of opening your insurance coverage handbook and blindly landing on a provider, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes and think about what are the most important features a provider brings to the table for your pregnancy and birth.

First, consider your location and where you feel most comfortable giving birth.  If a hospital setting is your main source of comfort, you may have a variety of provider options.  Will you feel more comfortable with a group or solo practice?

Think about the quality of care you will receive if you are with a single provider or small practice devoted to a personal touch.  While a single provider can help to reassure you and help you feel connected during your pregnancy, a smaller group practice can similarly ensure you are acquainted no matter who is on call during your labor.

For the Annapolis area, AAMC is the premier birthing facility of choice.  Within the hospital, there are the options of both large group OB offices as well as midwifery care.  There is even an in-house birthing center on site Bay Area Midwifery!

Many families want the option of a midwife attending their birth, and whether you are comfortable with a homebirth or a hospital attended birth setting, Annapolis has you covered in both areas.  Special Beginnings, a stand alone birth center in Arnold, services clients at AAMC as well, and is located close to the hospital to assure the highest care in terms of safety.

Always think of accessibility when reaching your care provider.  Will someone be there to answer your questions 24/7, or will you receive a call back number and need to wait days for a follow up? These are great ways to vet a provider and make sure they are the most comfortable and personal fit for your needs.

No matter your choice, the amazing resources of the AAMC community are here for you.  With a large local support group for new parents as well as an amazing breastfeeding support group held in the hospital biweekly by the highest quality of IBCLCs, Kim Knight, you can be assured that your community is behind you.

Your care is important and should continue from the first dating ultrasound through your baby’s first year.  

It’s vital to your experience.  Don’t let it overwhelm you; here is a list of great questions to ask your OB or midwife in an interview!