Pregnancy Potty Mouth

Society portrays pregnancy as a magical experience. Sharing your body while creating the beauty of life. However, the truth is our little miracles can wreak some serious havoc on our systems, and, sharing is not always fun.

The truth is: toilet training begins during pregnancy.

That’s right! Long before you are weaning your little one out of diapers you might be considering wearing them yourself.  No matter where you are, guaranteed the first location for a pregnant woman to peep out is the bathroom.

It is a “known” fact that during pregnancy hormones cause increased urination. However, they don’t tell you that often times babies hang out right on our bladders. This means that each stretch, swim, turn, and tug from the inside can cause everything from a dribble to a splash.

Also, be prepared for stress urinary incontinence from the third trimester well into the postpartum period. While Kegel exercises are sexy and can ease the symptoms, leaking, is a kind word for what happens during the simple acts of sneezing, coughing or even laughter. (Pelvic floor therapists become your best friend!)

Morning sickness doesn’t wear a watch either. The majority of pregnant women do indeed experience nausea and vomiting in the first trimester. Many of them predominantly in the AM, but, it is not a physiological rule. Truth is “morning sickness” can occur during the afternoon, the evening, any old inconvenient time, sometimes, all of the time. Nausea and vomiting, even dizziness and diarrhea are symptoms of the major hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Hence, once again needing that bathroom close by.

Which brings us to The H word – yes, it is true, Hemorrhoids are quite common during pregnancy. While others are constantly running to the loo, constipation is a flip side effect that is also common. The inability to move one’s bowels is a painful ordeal. As if there isn’t already enough discomfort, constipation is the major cause of Hemorrhoids. The itching, bleeding, and pain caused by hemorrhoids make even the simple act of sitting a literal Pain In The Butt. So sometimes it is nice to be able to get up and take a brisk walk to the bathroom to readjust.

The truth can be kind of yucky.

But, it is better to be forewarned and forearmed then left in the lurch. Annapolis Area Doula are on call and ready to support you with many proven remedies for all of these ailments.  They even know where some of the nicest bathrooms in Annapolis are located Just in case.