The Thing Xennial and Millenials Have In Common When It Comes To Postpartum Care

“You’re going to do WHAT with that thing?!?”

My mom uttered to me as she realized what exactly was in the cooler in my fridge. “I’m going to have it encapsulated, mom”
You see, I took my placenta home with me after the birth of my daughter to have a specialist come to my home to encapsulate it.

But, WHY?

After the birth of my son in 2011, I was elated. It was more joy than I have ever felt in my life. I thought my heart would burst from the love I felt for my new baby. After a week or so I began to feel down. Waaayyy down. I would stand at the kitchen sink to do the dishes so no one could see me silently cry. And that was just the start of what I later discovered was postpartum depression. When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I just knew I needed to do something before the birth of my sweet girl before the hormones dropped postpartum. After talking with some friends who had their placenta encapsulated, I knew this was the answer I was looking for.

I’m not the only one

Turns out, LOTS of postpartum parents my age have chosen to encapsulate. We live in a world where self-care is essential to one’s survival in this busy world. Millennials and Xennials are good at self-care. We know it important. We’re fully aware if the risks of postpartum depression and anxiety and are taking the steps to prepare a defense for it. Encapsulation IS self-care. And postpartum depression and anxiety aren’t even that half of it! Encapsulation can also boost your milk supply and fight fatigue with the iron boost a new mom needs.

Was it worth it?

You bet! My Encapsulation Specialist came to my home, cleaned and sanitized her workspace and steam prepped my placenta. The steam prep method she explained was the only way Annapolis Area Doulas prepares a placenta. This method ensures the safety of the mother and baby and follows the Traditional Chinese Method of Placentophagy. Knowing my kitchen would be clean for me and my placenta would be safe for consumption eased my peace of mind and allowed me to focus on what matters most, my sweet new baby.

The Effects

Once my mom saw the difference in my recovery, my moods, and my breastfeeding success she became a convert. Now that I have become an Encapsulation Specialist myself, my mom sings the praises and benefits to every pregnant person she meets. And she couldn’t be prouder!


Stephanie Carey