What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Postpartum Doula

So your baby has finally arrived!

When it’s time to secure your precious cargo in their car seat and head home, there may be a lot running through your head as you officially start your next chapter.

Will I be able to take care of my new baby?

What if i don’t know what to do when I bring home baby?

What if we need help after bringing home baby?

Don’t panic, it’s normal to worry and it is normal to have questions.

Even the most confident new parents can benefit from an extra helping hand when this journey begins. A postpartum doula is right there with you as you bring home baby. Women who have the support of a postpartum doula are also less likely to develop postpartum depression and anxiety.

A postpartum doula is so much more than newborn care.

Doulas are experts on all things baby care and childbirth education.

Your doula is there to nurture your whole family back to health and help you confidently bring home your new baby. Once you get home, your doula helps you settle in with your baby and helps you map out a daily routine to your specifications. She helps facilitate nursing if necessary and gets mom and baby on a feeding schedule.

In the first few days home with a new baby, a mother needs an opportunity to rest and recover. A doula helps take over newborn care, allowing the mother to rest, relax, shower and sleep. Doula support is flexible to your family’s schedule and your care plan can be tailored to your individual needs and parenting styles.

Housework and to-do lists also don’t come to a screeching halt because you’ve had a baby.

Doula help extends to your household tasks, keeping your home operating smoothly and offering a helping hand with light chores and childcare for your baby’s older siblings. One of the biggest issues new parents face is maintaining a healthy diet because they start feeling too burnt out to cook. Doulas can help you prep and store meals for quick heat-and-eat meals that are wholesome and convenient. In every area you need some help, guidance or support, a postpartum doula is right there in the comfort of your own home.

The postpartum period is a difficult world of uncertainties to navigate!

So why do it alone?

You’ve invested hard work and energy throughout your pregnancy and birth and now it’s time for you and your whole family to be nurtured back to health.

Our professional staff of experienced doulas offer our compassionate experience to help your family transition home with their new baby and get life back on track.