When Your Doula is Pregnant Too

Two women in early pregnancy smiling and talking together.

There’s just something about having a doula with you for your pregnancy and birthing journey. That supportive, unbiased, compassionate person is always there for you if you have a question or need to talk through some of your worries and fears, and that takes so much of the stress out of the whole experience. Maybe they’ve even been in the exact same situation as you – or maybe they haven’t, but they walk alongside you anyway.

And sometimes, you get to enjoy an even more special and sacred connection. Sometimes, your doula is going through pregnancy just like you!

Pregnant Doulas Are More Common Than You Think

The majority of doulas go into birthing work after becoming intrigued by their own birth experience – whether positive or negative. Thus, the majority of doulas are of childbearing age and not necessarily finished adding onto their own families. Although some pregnant doulas choose not to share too many details about their own growing bumps so as not to take the focus off of yours, we all know that at some point it becomes inevitable! Many doulas, including some of the amazing staff here at Annapolis Area Doulas, are not only growing their own families, but also continuing to provide amazing birth and postpartum support to other new parents at the same time.

Why Your Pregnant Doula is So Special!

All of our doulas are special, but we just have to give a little shout out to how fun it is to go through pregnancy at the same time as your doula. You can commiserate over your ankles, register for baby items together, and you’ll totally understand when she has to get up during your childbirth class multiple times to run to the bathroom. Sympathy is one thing, and empathy is another – and your pregnant doula knows exactly what you’re going through at any given moment.

Is it Okay to Hire a Pregnant Doula?

Occasionally, a pregnant client may express a concern that the physical work of a doula is too much during pregnancy, and question whether it is safe or a good idea to hire a pregnant doula.

If you’ve spent any time at all around any of our doulas, you know how they gently and lovingly encourage you to take excellent care of yourself: listening to your body, eating and drinking nourishing things whenever needed, asking questions, setting boundaries, and getting appropriate amounts of rest. You can feel at peace knowing that our doulas will practice what they preach when it comes to self-care, ensuring that they are able to perform just as well at work. In fact, other than a few extra snack and bathroom breaks, you will not notice any differences which detract from your experience with doula support!

Pregnancy is such a major event in your life, it’s only natural to seek out those who have experienced it – or are currently experiencing it – to guide and support you through it. And pregnancy just might be one of the things that ends up making your experience with a doula even more special!