Our Top Stroller Picks: 2017 Edition

With the weather getting beautifully sun drenched, we’re ready to get out and about with baby in tow.

Any veteran mom will tell you that a good stroller makes the world of difference and nothing can ruin an outdoor outing quite like clumsy stroller or an uncomfortable baby. The Baby Guy Gear Guide always has incredible baby supplies with refreshingly honest reviews.

These product listings are all based on real customer experience, making it a better resource than all those flowery reviews you’ll find on some of those baby sites out there.

So check out our shopping guide for the perfect stroller for you and your little one that is sure to make your summer full of outdoor adventures with your baby cruising in comfort and style.

Contours Baby

If you’re a parent to twins, still have a young toddler to tote around town or plan to be the parent of 2 little ones in the near future, the Contours Baby: Options Elite stroller might be the perfect solution for you. They feature 7 different seating configurations and has a double car seat capability. The bottom has a massive storage compartment  which we love for picnic days and beach adventures. One of the seats can even convert to a shopping bag option which is absolutely fabulous for a quick run to the farmer’s market, festival or flea market. 

GB Child X1

For moms on the go or parents than enjoy a more active lifestyle, the GB Child X1 is the way to go. This all-terrain stroller doubles as a performance jogger where you prefer a locked front wheel direction opposed to it’s 360 degree swivel for hiking and steadily changing terrain. This stroller is a great travel system with a comfortable recline for baby, an impressive sun shade and plenty of storage underneath.

GB Pockit Stroller

Let’s face it, strollers are bulky and even when they’re fully collapsed they can be awkward and cumbersome to juggle around town. The GB Pockit is changing the game completely with the world’s smallest folding stroller. It’s a super light 11 pounds and folds down to a mere 12×7 where it can fit into a tote bag or the overhead bin on an airplane. IT may not feature all the bells and whistles as some of the stroller systems on our list, but if you’re living in the bustling city or constantly travel with your toddler, this is a great pick for you.

Orbit G2 With Sidekick

Have an older toddler that tends to wander in search of more excitement while you push the stroller? The Orbit G2 Sidekick is the answer to your prayers. This lightweight stroller has the awesome feature of a riding deck between you and and your baby seat for your toddler to ride on as you push. It’s so much easier to get your little one to stand and ride along when they hate being buckled into a confined seat, so we love the option of the skid free sidekick deck. The stroller itself has great suspension and although on the bulky side when collapsed and not an absolute ton of storage, this stroller comes in a refreshing palette of fun colors to choose from.

No matter what stroller you choose, you can be confident that your wheels match your lifestyle flawlessly.

Whether you need a stroller that can handle your morning jog or a stroller that can carry all your flea market finds in a big storage area, this year’s top models have you covered. Don’t forget to do your homework and test drive all the different options before committing to make sure your baby fits safely and comfortably during all your outdoor adventures this spring and summer.