Changing Minds About Doula Care

We hear it all the time, said in different ways and without a lot to back it up.

“My friend, husband, family, partner said I don’t need a doula.”

There’s a lot of misconceptions that surround labor and postpartum support and the doula profession for modern families. Doulas don’t set out to replace the role of a new parent, they’re the extra support and helping hands that parents need when they deliver and bring home their new baby. 

But my family is around, can’t they be the support?

Yes and no. Obviously your family is incredibly important as you welcome your new baby, but we bring something different to the table. We’re baby experts and strive to make sure that parents are up to date on all things birth and childhood education. We help parents have a more comfortable birth experience, helping them prepare for the big day and using comfort strategies to ease the transition into labor.

Labor Doula Support

A labor doula isn’t a midwife and she’s not there to replace your partner. All births are different, but all parents need physical and emotional support. Labor doulas help facilitate birth plans and support every choice your family makes along the way. As you prepare for delivery, you’re never left in the dark and always up to date on what’s up next and your options throughout the process. Your birth team makes sure you have the affirmations you need to feel confident and relaxed. Whether you choose a water birth, cesarean, home birth or non medicated, you can be sure that you’re receiving compassionate and professional support. 

When your baby arrives, your doula helps you breastfeed for the first time and what you need to know before you bring home baby. Instead of pressuring parents to make decisions or to sway their opinions, our care directly supports the needs and preferences of each family in a completely judgement-free way.

Postpartum Doula Support

Your postpartum doula offers the compassionate care of a family member and the expertise of birth educators to offer physical and emotional support for an entire family in the comfortable space of your own home. A postpartum doula takes over newborn care to let parents sleep, helps with household tasks and can even stay overnight to help the family get onto a feeding and sleeping schedule. Your postpartum doula is there to answer questions you have about your postpartum recovery and offer resources. The added support during this time also helps prevent postpartum mood disorders and reduces the risk of postpartum depression.

There’s a ton of ways that a growing family can benefit from doula care!

The birth world is changing and increased support systems have be clinically shown to improve the quality and duration of birth and the postpartum period.