Placenta Encapsulation

Postpartum recovery can certainly be a slow and difficult process. 

Who couldn’t use a little extra help? 

Sometimes the best course of action is to think natural and placenta encapsulation has been a tool for postpartum recovery for hundreds of years. Your placenta provides nutrients and oxygen to your baby as it grows and it’s powerful nurturing properties don’t stop at birth.

Encapsulating your placenta is a modern postpartum trend that offers some incredible health benefits for the recovering new mom. The placenta contains a ton of hormones that manage stress, improve lactation and breastfeeding relationships and allows mothers to bond with their newborn more effectively.

Your body is slowly but surely returning to it’s pre-baby state and a placenta capsule regimen can help speed your process along. Many women experience more energy in their first few weeks postpartum, better mood, and increases of certain minerals like iron.

These stress banishing hormones like oxytocin help reduce postpartum depression and anxiety, especially in second time mothers who experienced depression with their first pregnancy.

Placenta is powerful.

Like any procedure that handles perishable meats and blood bourne pathogens, a sterile environment is not only necessary but the industry standard. Our team of encapsulators are trained and certified professionals that can ensure your encapsulation process is completely safe. The only way to ensure the process is completely sterile is various one time use equipment and keeping the placenta in the client’s possession from birth. We encapsulate in clients’ homes, offering them a unique opportunity to participate if they choose and ask whatever questions they might have about the process or it’s role in their postpartum recovery plan.

Encapsulators are well versed in postpartum recovery, newborn care and breastfeeding, making them great resources for new parents. While your encapsulator is working, you’ll be encouraged to ask anything that comes to mind. You’ll be in the privacy of your home and with our judgement-free philosophies, no question is off limits.

Let your body help you transition to the next phase with your newborn. 

Your health is important and utilizing placenta encapsulation as a holistic treatment for your body’s recovery is an all natural way to rest, rejuvenate and start feeling like yourself again. 

If you’re curious about how encapsulation can help your postpartum period or how you can incorporate this great service into your postpartum care plan, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

Your body, your recovery, your next step.

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