The Evolution of the Bra

It’s time to go through the old underwear drawer.

Pregnancy without question is one of the most transformative experiences a woman’s body can go through. You hear a lot about what to expect when you’re expecting but there’s definitely a few details they forget to tell you. Your wardrobe is definitely one of them.

So, when was the last time you bought a new bra?

Chances are, it’s been a while since you really invested in a properly fitted bra. Whether you’re planning to breastfeed or not, your breasts are about to do some changing of their own and each phase in the next year or so will call for a brand new bra that’s specially designed to support you comfortably during that particular phase. We recommend checkin out A La Mode in Annapolis for a great fitting!

Pregnancy Bra

Everyone’s body is different and some women will experience less of a change in their breast size and shape than others. A good option for a bra during this transition is one with a thicker band, softer cups and thicker straps. The thicker band should be soft and fit snugly without digging in, providing some additional support for your back. Softer cups is a pregnancy bra preference because your body is more free to move and there’s space to comfortably fill the bra as your body changes, or doesn’t.

Your bra during pregnancy should be able to grow with you, with plenty of breathing space on days you might feel fuller or even sore. They even make some cute styles so you won’t be trading in your Victoria’s Secret for something frumpy. Take your time testing out bras and don’t jump the gun on a bra that doesn’t fit quite right. Many places will even measure you properly to give you a better fit.

Nursing Bra

As important as a good pregnancy is, it comes nowhere near as important as a good nursing bra. Before any other nursing supply you invest in, a quality bra is one of them.

Your nursing bra should make your “ladies” easily accessible, but supportive and comfortable to wear on the days you’re feeling engorged or swollen. If your bra is too tight, it can cause ducts to become blocked and uncomfortable. Most nursing bras feature a clip for easier access, no underwire and a soft cup. If you’re planning on using nursing pads or milk collection inserts you might want to consider going up a size for a comfier fit.

Post-Postpartum Bra

Once your baby is a few months to a year old, it’s important to treat yourself to a new bra that fits your new shape. Chances are, you’re sporting a larger or smaller cup size these days or could use a welcome lift. Treat yourself to a new bra that’s fitted perfectly to your new figure. Make it a sexy one to give yourself an extra boost of confidence.

Comfort is key.

The right bra chooses you when you take the opportunity to try on some of the contenders. The saying “you get what you pay for” might be true, but just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good.

So get out there and give yourself a lift! You’ll be glad you did and after all, you’ve earned a little pampering.