Sex After Baby

So now that your baby is finally here, it can be a challenge to get back on track to feeling like yourself again.

One of the biggest challenges is keeping your relationship healthy. Intimacy after a new baby might be the furthest thing from your mind, but just because you’re parents now doesn’t mean everything comes to a halt.

Everyone’s body recovers at a different pace, but it can take up to a recommended six weeks to have sex after your baby’s birth or much much longer.

Some mothers find this transition back to their sex life to be an uncomfortable process, while others find they’ve developed more libido. Introduce some intimacy at your own pace and it devote a little time each day to nourishing your relationship. This can be a cuddly nap during the day or something a little more scandalous.

Boost Your Self Esteem

The first challenge to overcome is the dreaded postpartum self-image. Self care that boosts your confidence will help you feel better and help keep the spark. There’s bound to be days you don’t feel particularly glamorous and that is normal. When you’re having an off day, communicate to your partner about how you’re feeling so they can help you feel better and give you some much-needed attention. Confidence is sexy and when you bring that to your bedroom, you’ll feel inspired to spice things up.

Stay Connected

The recipe for healthy intimacy calls for more than just sex. Your baby’s bedtime will be golden hour allowing parents to spend some valuable time together unwinding. Check on each other throughout the day, send silly texts when you’re apart and plan time to get out of the house together for an old-fashioned date night. You can be great parents and still be playfully giddy with each other. Be a good support system for each other as you transition to this brand new parenting routine, and don’t take frustrations out on each other. Intimacy starts with good communication and chemistry, everything else naturally follows.

For god’s sake, cuddle! Cuddling actually boosts your feel-good hormones, eliminates stress and can help you sleep.

5 Ways to Spice Things Up

You probably have more sex drive than you think, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to work some intimacy into your busy day. Everyone is different and has different drive. There’s no rush but when the mood strikes, there’s definitely some tips to keep your fires hot and heavy.

1. Change of Scenery

These days a bed is associated to the precious few hours of sleep you’re getting these days. Try mixing things up by putting the moves on your partner in different areas of the house. The most famous spontaneous destinations are of course your laundry room, the kitchen, the minivan, the possibilities are endless with a little imagination.

2.Don’t Underestimate Foreplay

Sometimes you need a little help feeling sexy and foreplay can be more fun than the actual deed. Even well-placed touches, kisses, and caresses keep your partner feeling desired and this might even escalate to something more fun.

Plus isn’t that’s the fun stuff, why are you rushing through that anyway?

3. Nap Time Means Fun Time

Put the baby down for a nap? This might be the perfect opportunity to have some afternoon fun. It’s easy to fall into the routine of night time love making only and it can be a little extra scandalous to start your day the fun way or take advantage of that afternoon nap time.  You’d be surprised how fast you’ll get in the mood with a little window of opportunity.

4. Vocalize Those Thoughts

“If I wasn’t tired, I’d…”

A little dirty talk never hurt anyone, in fact it can do wonders for a dry spell. Explaining your passing fantasies with your partner may bring a little extra pizazz to the table. If they’re not around, a few sexy texts can always break the ice. Or dare we say, a scandalous photo or two. Come on, you’re parents you aren’t dead.

5. Get Creative

Nothing spices things up more than a break from the routine. Try different positions that you don’t normally go for or even test out a little role reversal. If your partner is usually the one to initiate, try taking the reins and going for it. Open the floor to talking about what turns each other on and what you’d be up to trying, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Working on your relationship isn’t selfish, it’s important.

Start slow and give your intimacy the boost it needs to make your relationship stronger than ever.