Birth Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful.

Birth can be quite a journey and some affirmations can help parents stay more confident and comfortable throughout their baby’s birth. Most families will start reciting various birth affirmations throughout pregnancy to help them feel prepared and at ease while they transition into labor.

Birth affirmations are often incorporated into prenatal yoga and exercise routines as a comfort measure for pregnancy that women can use to self sooth when they go into labor. These simple reassurances can make all the difference for new and veteran parents as they welcome their new baby.

Here’s some popular affirmations for parents to be;

  • Our baby’s birth will occur at just the right time and just the right way.
  • I trust my body to grow my baby, and I trust my body to birth my baby.
  • My body is strong enough to birth this baby.
  • I enjoy experiencing the power of my body as my birthing muscles bring my baby to me.
  • With each amazing wave, I am letting go more easily.
  • I am releasing to these sensations.
  • I let these waves wash through me as I go deeper into relaxation.
  • I am connected to myself. I am connected to my partner. We are connected to our baby.
  • I welcome strong waves that are bringing my baby closer.
  • Every contraction brings me closer to our baby.
  • The stronger my contractions become, the sooner I meet my baby.
  • I breathe slowly and easily, and it helps my body to let go.
  • I breathe to my baby, and let my breath flow down and out my baby’s birth path to show my baby the way.
  • My body is so open that my baby just slides right out and into my arms.
  • I am calm, I am safe, I am relaxed.

How do Birth Affirmations Work?

When you incorporate affirmations into your day, you are reprogramming your state of mind about birth. Repeating phrases that settle your mind each day can help prepare mothers and alter the birth experience in a dramatic way. Many people develop birth anxiety at different stages of pregnancy, and if the anxiety continues it can make birth a  physically and emotionally traumatic experience. When you reassure yourself that you are in control of your body and comfort during birth, it gives you valuable peace of mind and an more relaxed delivery.

How to Incorporate Affirmations

Most parents that found affirmations helpful for their baby’s birth recommend incorporating them into meditation sessions. While you take an opportunity to relax each day, repeating the affirmations that you find meaningful will help make them routine. Remember that these phrases are helping you reinforce new concepts. Make these affirmations powerful by personalizing them and keeping them in the present tense.

Affirmations can empower you and your partner as you transition through labor.

Small steps each day to center your mind and body can dramatically improve your birth experience. Encourage your partner to participate with your affirmation routine, making them personalized mantras for your family.

Birth doesn’t need to be a nerve wracking experience. 

Your labor doula can help you create a list of affirmations that comfort you through difficult days during your pregnancy, feelings of doubt or even anxiety about going into labor. We work with the affirmations you choose to provide a customized support system and birth experience.