Doulas Are a Girl’s Best Friend

No one understands you quite like your best friend.

You feel the most comfortable around them; free to share all your trials and tribulations with a welcome ear. A best friend is like family but is truly the best of both worlds.

In a lot of ways, your doula is like the warm support system of a best friend.

She’s with you in your most vulnerable state, to pick you up when you’re struggling to find comfort and to find yourself. She’s there to affirm that everything is going to be okay and that you can really do this. While you’re in labor you can let your guard down and let yourself be comforted by your doula. Having her in your birth place is a sacred experience and there is a really special and indescribable connection felt in that moment.

She’ll listen to you.

With the confusion of a birth space, it’s refreshing to have someone that is there to listen. To really listen to your needs, feelings and concerns and not just hear you say them is more refreshing than you might think.

Your doula is there attune to your needs and is quick to provide you with answers and solutions to your concerns and discomforts. You both are connected during your labor and unlike your best friend, she has the experience that will keep you feeling confident every step along the way.

She won’t judge you.

There’s no judgement because your doula’s personal experiences with birth have been checked at the door. She is an extension of you until your baby arrives and beyond, mirroring the ways you choose to deliver and parent your baby. She’ll never tell you that you can’t change your mind and always support and stand behind the decisions you make. Knowing that she’s there to reflect your views, beliefs and preferences is the weight of the world off your shoulders.

She has your best interest at heart.

Like a best friend is there to protect you, your doula wants you to know everything there is to know before your baby arrives and as you progress closer to that goal. A best friend will give you advice, but your doula will give you choices.

Your best interest is at the forefront in the birth space because the space belongs to you. She’s there to support your choices in a physical and emotional way while protecting you from the unknown by presenting everything directly to you. The safety and comfort of you and your family is the number one priority and your doula will never stand in the way of your right to make decisions. 

Your doula isn’t like your best friend.

She is so much more.

The experience of that much support on an emotional, physical and even spiritual level is unlike any feeling. You and your partner are free to make your birth experience unique and special to you, with your labor doula by your side to guide you through the uncertainties and keep you feeling strong.

We are there for you. We are your team.