The Comfort of Private Classes

Gearing up to welcome your new baby can be a long to-do list.

Especially in those last few weeks before your baby arrives, your schedule is getting tighter. Getting around can even be more difficult in your last few weeks of pregnancy, making everything you can do from the comfort of home the preference for expectant parents.

Our team of professional doulas are answering the call one household at a time.

We know all too well that sometimes it can be difficult to get down to those childbirth workshops and classes you’ve had on your to do list, so we’re bringing the classes to you!

We offer the convenience and flexibility of private childbirth education classes that we bring right to your home. No dragging yourself out of the house or missing classes, these private classes work with your family’s schedule.

Our in home classes are tailored to your family’s specific needs with answers to all your questions. You guide the direction of the curriculum to help you feel as prepared as can be to welcome your newest addition. Whether you’re looking for detailed breastfeeding education, or even putting those last minute touches on your birth plan you and your partner can be confident as the big day approaches.

Have a lot of high tech baby gear and no idea how to use it?

After all, what’s a baby shower without a few gifts that keep you scratching your head.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. During your class session we can help you organize your gear and get everything ready for your baby. Feel like you’re forgetting something? Our professional educators can help you put last minute touches on your baby supply stash or give you the resources you need to finish up shopping based on your parenting style and individual needs.

Newborns don’t come with an instruction manual and having some experience before your baby officially arrives can be a huge sigh of relief. You’ll be able to get on board with your postpartum doula to make the transition home from the hospital or birth center as seamless as possible.

Childbirth Education Customized for You

Childbirth education classes are awesome ways to give parents that boost of affirmation to prepare for birth and bringing home their new baby. We know that group classes aren’t for everyone and a convenient alternative is just a phone call away. We’re teaming up with your family to help you feel prepared and excited to welcome your little one!