Calming a Fussy Baby

There’s nothing quite as stressful as a baby you can’t soothe.

Babies can get fussy for a ton of reasons and it might seem like they’ll just scream forever. It can be overwhelming for new parents and even a seasoned parent to figure out why their little one is crying, and even more of a challenge to get a little peace.

Some parents get lucky and others are at the helm of a colicky fit on a daily basis. To give everyone a little peace of mind, we put together a list of ways to soothe your baby back to sleep after a screaming fit.

Super Swaddle

Do you swaddle? Safely wrapping your baby up in a little swaddle can help them feel wrapped up safe. Swaddling can be a safer way to put your new baby to sleep and keeps them feeling like they’re safely in the womb. When your little one feels safe, they’re more likely to feel less overwhelmed. This is always a good idea when you’re introducing your newborn to a new space with different people.


Babies are still developing their senses and many sounds can actually help them self soothe. Some sounds remind your baby of being cozy in the womb. We live in a technological age and have access to awesome gadgets that produce soothing sounds for fussy babies. Put a fan in the room on low, a humidifier, or your white noise machine and the low humming sound should help your baby settle down. Did you know they have gadgets that actually make the shushing noise your baby loes?


Babies have sensitive digestive systems and can get upset stomachs fairly easily. If you suspect you have an upset stomach on your hands, try holding your baby on their left side and gently rubbing their back or belly. The gentle motion can help break up gas that might be stuck in their system. You can also bicycle their legs and gently push them back and up towards their head.  This is a magic trick for releasing gas.  This belly discomfort might be from food allergies, reflux or overeating so if the problem persists, consult with your pediatrician.

Get Moving

Your baby might be comforted by being moved around. After all, they’ve been nonstop moving in your body for 9 months. Take your baby for a car or stroller ride around the block. A few nights of car trips and you won’t only have a relaxed baby, you’ll be an expert on the back roads in your town.  This is also when babywearing can be a life saver.  Fussy babies often love to be held and moved so strap them to you and go about your day the best you can!

Sometimes the best way to calm a fussy baby is to be creative with your soothing techniques.

Not every technique works for every baby, so feel free to experiment with different comfort measures. Before you know it, your baby will be sleeping through the night and even self soothing.  If all else fails grab a glass of wine and a good book and take a mommy time out while you pull it back together! We have been there and can relate.