Keep Your Baby Cool

As we slowly work our way into the warmer summer months, we’re spending more sunny days outdoors with our little ones.

No one likes to be hot and sweaty, especially your baby.

While it’s easy to reach for a water when we start to feel overheated, your baby has a difficult time letting you know that they need some help cooling down. Luckily there’s some helpful gadgets, attachments, tips and tricks to help parents keep their baby cool in the summer months ahead.

We put together some of our favorite ways to enjoy the heat and keep their baby comfortably cool.

Handy Cooler Stroller System

This awesome gadget makes the clip on stroller fan obsolete. The Handy Cooler distributes fresh, cool air into the stroller from the outside. This is a portable air conditioning system that provides 360 degree cooling into the sun shade of the cooler to keep your little one cool. It’s not bulky at all and actually adds more storage space to the back of your stroller with 2 cup holders for water bottles. You wet the cooling sponge in the fan system and it conditions the air as well as cools it to provide relief for fussy toddlers struggling with the heat.

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad

Baby wearing is convenient for parents and comforting for your baby, but summer months can make baby wearing a sweaty and miserable mess. Putting a Frogg Togg Chilly Pad between your baby and your chest keeps you cool without being soaking wet. These cloths retain moisture and stay at a comfortable temperature and can be re-cooled quickly by soaking it in water and wringing it out. Frogg Togg’s also makes a nifty neck wrap that is a convenient bib between you and baby or can be affixed to the back of the baby carrier on the inside to keep baby comfortable. 

Geleeo Cooling Stroller Liner

When laying in the stroller, your little one can’t exactly cool off when their back is resting against the waterproof fabric that isn’t exactly breathable. The Geleeo cooling mat requires no moisture or prior refrigeration and stays at a constant comfortable temperature. It whisks away body heat and keeps your baby cozy and comfortable in the stroller on a warm summer day. This mat isn’t recommended for car seats but can be laid flat in a portable bassinet for comfortably cool beach naps and picnic lounging. Some parents even use it underneath their infants in the crib for a sweat-free night’s sleep for those muggy summer nights.

There’s no reason to cut your summer day’s short.

Keeping your little one cool in their stroller or on your outdoor adventure will keep them comfortable and happy, even on the muggy days out and about.