Sleep Training

How much sleep are you getting?

If you have a new baby on your hands, chances are there’s a few upset sleep schedules at home. A new baby’s sleep pattern can be all over the place and it puts a lot of pressure on new parents to get them on a schedule. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done and you have to call in some reinforcements. 

We’ve got your good night’s sleep in mind.

We know your pain and sleep training is a big and often intimidating step for a lot of new parents, but it doesn’t have to be. Our sleep training services are tailored to the parenting style of the family, developmental stage of your baby and the schedule that works for you. Starting a sleep routine early can alleviate a lot of stress for parents when faced with some sleep challenges as their kids get a little older.

If you have a newborn, you should wait about 4 to 6 months before you start to establish a sleeping routine with your infant. Night feedings and irregular sleep patterns are actually nourishing physical development and every baby matures from this phase at their own pace.

Meeting Your Trainer

First, your trainer will consult with you to learn about your home, routines, your baby and how you’re choosing to parent going forward. In the first consultation, you’ll be able to identify the different sleep training techniques and some of the pros and cons of each. From here you’ll be empowered to choose which direction you’d like to take that will give your whole family the best night’s sleep possible. Sometimes it’s helpful to customize your style with different elements that work best for you. That first interaction with your trainer will set you on the right track to dreamland without compromising your ideals and individual needs.

 Why is Professional Sleep Training a Good Thing?

Everyone’s sleep patterns are different and it can be challenging to identify the best direction to take. Babies have difficulty understanding sleep cues and usually experience an imbalanced circadian rhythm. This rhythm or schedule just means getting sleepy when the sun goes down and getting some more energy when the sun rises. Using these principles and the training course that you’re most comfortable with, your professional trainer can keep your progress on track and you feeling empowered through the more difficult milestones of sleep training. 

Just as frustrated as you’re feeling with your little one’s sleep disrupted, they’re probably feeling it too.

No one likes the feeling of restlessness and it can keep your newborn feeling gassy, uncomfortable, or stressed when they aren’t getting the sleep they need. With any training, sleep counselling and training is definitely a process. Not only is your trainer going to get your little one on track, but can offer some great emotional support along the way.

If you’re ready to start a new chapter of sweeter dreams, our sleep specialists are ready to give you a welcome helping hand.